Real Estate Marketing Specialist Training™

Your ongoing training is crucial to success. If you want to improve your game, we’ve got the tools to help you succeed. This half-day course – developed by Christine Rae, leading staging training expert, owner and CEO of CSP International™ Staging Business Training Academy, and best-selling author of Home Staging for Dummies and Sold – will give you what you need to be the agent every seller wants..

What's in It for You?

You’ve heard the analogy of the importance of detailing a car before selling. You also grasp the concept of home staging, yet you struggle to convince sellers of its value, and you’re too busy to add this to your workload. This course is for you.

  • Understand the value of staging
  • Learn how to talk to your sellers about staging
  • Increase your closing rate
  • Sell more in less time
  • Reduce your marketing budget
  • Improve your reputation

The Power of Home Staging is Here for You

All this and more is possible when you understand the ins and outs of how staging works for you, your client and the buyer.

Staging done well is a powerful, marketing strategy used to enhance property for sale. The results time after time illustrate how the practice secures the most money for the client in the shortest time, while building your reputation as The Agent who get property sold.

The Solution

The unique CSP Elite™ Agent Training Program describes a reasonable division of labour that keeps you doing what you know how to do best: sell real estate. It’s a stager’s job to deal with needed repairs and renovations and the final preparation of the property for showcasing.

  • We believe agents are busy enough without adding the stress of doing staging work themselves
  • You don’t have time to do it well, thoroughly and correctly (your client deserves this)
  • You don’t do house inspection, mortgage arranging, title searching, painting, cleaning or grass cutting – so why would you move furniture around?

Before and after your course, we’re here for you.