The Power of Home Staging

The power of home staging is a three-step process consisting of Consultation, Preparation and Showcasing. This allows for great photos attracting more potential buyers to your property and presents it as the well-maintained, beautiful home that it is.

Show Your Space at Its Best

Prepare and showcase your property for sale to attract the highest number of potential buyers willing to pay the maximum sale price in the shortest amount of time. Home staging works.


We begin with a detail-oriented walk-through of your property inside and out. Curb appeal is just as important as the interior of your house.

Sharon – a Certified Staging Professional® – will leave you with detailed recommendations: minor repairs to be made, upgrades buyers look for, and in some cases renovations to prepare your house for the real estate market.


With the filled out Room-Ready Handbook,™ you can determine which items you can do on your own and which ones you need help with. Sharon has a list of preferred vendors and contractors if required.

The work could be as simple as removing personal items and cleaning or it might involve more complex repairs/ renovations. Our goal is to convey the undeniable message that the home is well maintained, as big, as bright and as modern as possible.

“Why Put Money Into a House You Are Leaving?” PDF · 109kb


With preparation completed, the house is ready to be showcased. If the property is occupied, we use as much of your furniture and accessories as possible, only bringing in extra props to give it that special touch. If vacant, Sharon determines the furniture and accessories to be rented to show the space at its best. A photographer is brought in for those all-important images to be used for the listings designed to grab the attention of the buyer before they step into your carefully-crafted presentation.

In the case where your house is vacant, Sharon will source and co- ordinate all inventory to suite the luxury level of your home, prep and install all staging props, hire professional movers as well as arrange to remove all items once the property has sold or contract has ended.

A home staging showcase amplifies the features of the home, demonstrates a clear path for functionality, and builds a strong first impression for the potential buyer to envision themselves living in this property as their sought-after home.

“Sharon did an amazing job of showcasing! It changed the house into a masterpiece that was easy to show and made me proud to have my name on the listing.”
— Shelly, Real Estate Agent, Sundre

“Wow, what a great job! I would be happy to list a house that you have showcased! 10 out of 10!”
— Jeff, Real Estate Agent, Edmonton

Home Staging Deck